Aus dem Vorwort den neusten ZfA|ASJ-Ausgabe:

»The present issue combines two years of work, with the last one under heavy restrictions, postponements and loss. In early 2020, Australia was ravaged by fires that can be explicated not merely as the result of global warming but also as the effects of economic exploitation with all its implications of social and racial injustice. The following worldwide spread of SARS-CoV-2 has led not only to unprecedented restrictions in modern academic life – including the cancella- tion of the 2020 German Australian Studies conference – but it has also shown the intricacies between questions of ecological sustainability, social justice and the exploitation of resources. Persisting and tenacious yet equally malleable and adaptable, narratives of race and racism have infiltrated the debates around socio-ecological disasters and health protection, while at the same time exhibit- ing extant patterns of prejudice. Think of higher mortality rates among socially disadvantaged groups, for one, or the re-awakening of fantasies of nationalist protection. The fears of imported diseases, it can be argued, mirror the fears of a dissolution of national integrity.«

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