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Guest Editors:
Christina Ringel, Leonie John, and Friederike Zahn


Leonie John, Christina Ringel, Friederike Zahn
Emerging Research in Australian Studies
DOI: 10.35515/zfa/asj.37/2023.01


Louise Thatcher
Maritime Workers, Desertion, Racism, and Labour Mobility in Early 20th-Century Australia
DOI: 10.35515/zfa/asj.37/2023.02

Peri Sipahi
Violent Temporalities, the Colonial Museum and
the Fantasy of Terra Nullius in Tara June Winch’s
‘The Yield’

DOI: 10.35515/zfa/asj.37/2023.03

Katharina Frödrich
Functions of ‘Uptalk’ in Australian English
A Tool to Express Humor
DOI: 10.35515/zfa/asj.37/2023.04

Lucas Mattila
Violent Vibes
‘Stimmung’ in Alan Baxter’s ‘The Roo’
DOI: 10.35515/zfa/asj.37/2023.05

Bettina Burger
Warrior Monks, Sentient Robots, and Plant People
Queerness in Australian Speculative Fiction in the 21st Century
DOI: 10.35515/zfa/asj.37/2023.06

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