It is our pleasure to announce a newly published article by GASt member and co-chairperson Carsten Wergin!

Carsten Wergin
Healing through Heritage? The Repatriation of Human Remains from European Collections as Potential Sites of Reconciliation

in: Anthropological Journal of European Cultures, 30, 2021, 1, pp. 123-133, doi:

This Forum contribution builds on the ethnographic engagement with restitution projects as places of transcultural encounter. Based on data collected in 2019 during repatriation ceremonies in Berlin and Leipzig, I show how a responsibility for human remains that was shared between European museums and Australian Indigenous custodians set in motion processes of healing, both among Indigenous groups and those working with these collections in Europe. I further argue that ethnographic museums change in these processes from supposedly passive exhibition spaces to spaces of socio-critical engagement. Finally, I explore the decolonial potential of such collaborative engagements with heritage within and beyond European borders that are motivated by provenance research and repatriation practices.