The Australian Studies Journal (ISSN 1864-3957) is the annual academic publication issued by the editors on behalf of the German Association for Australian Studies.
The current issue can be found here. Previous issues have been published as hard copies only, but are now made available online in the archive on this website. Full texts of the issues are gradually added.

The Australian Studies Journal pursues the following objectives:

  • Making academically relevant topics from the area of Australian studies available to a broader public, and promoting the interdisciplinary academic dialogue on Australian studies;
  • Addressing and encouraging current discourses on Australia in secondary and tertiary education;
  • Reviewing publications, exhibitions, websites as well as visual and audio media formats which show a clear reference to Australia;
  • Discussing a variety of aspects relevant to Australia and its society: literature, linguistics, geography, natural sciences, history, politics, sociology, fine arts and culture, economics and international law. These issues are presented in consideration of both current and historical interrelations of European and Australian societies. In this context, comparative studies on Indigenous cultures also receive special attention.

The Australian Studies Journal is listed in the MLA International Bibliography and AustLit databases.
Submitted manuscripts are subjected to a peer review process.

This work and the individual contributions are licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

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