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It is mandatory that you familiarize yourself with the style sheet.

The reviews are published online-first.

Radha O’Meara, Tessa Dwyer, Stayci Taylor, Craig BattyTV Transformations & Transgressive Women. From Prisoner: Cell Block H to WentworthLink
Kay Dreyfus et al.Ihr seid nicht vergessen. A chronicle of memory of the Dreyfus family Link
Carolyn Wadley DowleyThrough Silent CountryLink
David CarterThe Cambridge History of the Australian NovelLink
Benjamin AubererFrom the Australian Bush to the International Jungle‹. Internationale Karrieren und der VölkerbundLink
Kathrin Bartha-MitchellCosmological Readings of Contemporary Australian Literature. Unsettling the AnthropoceneLink
Graeme TurnerThe Shrinking Nation. How we got here and what can be done about itLink

updated March 2024