Australian Studies in the 21st Century: Human and More-Than-Human Worlds
Interactions, Perspectives, Futures

Macquarie University
Wallumattagal Campus, Sydney, Australia
5-7 February 2025

The 2025 InASA conference aims to foster interdisciplinary and cross-cultural dialogues on Critical Indigenous
Studies, history, literature, culture, creative arts, politics, media, sociology, anthropology, geography, ecology, and
other disciplines that engage with human experiences and/or more-than-human worlds. We welcome proposals for
individual papers, 3 member panels, or 4-5 member roundtables for plenary sessions, that engage with the
conference theme from diverse disciplines, perspectives, and methodologies.

Please submit an abstract (approx. 250 words) and a bio note (no more than 100 words) to the 2025 InASA
Conference. For panels or roundtable proposals, please include a brief description of the proposed session (approx.
200 words), along with abstracts for each individual paper and bio notes. The conference is primarily face-to-face but
online access may be possible.

The submission deadline is Monday, 30 September 2024.

For further information, see the Conference Website or the