It is the first time that the Australian Studies Journal hosts a special, thematically focussed and guest-edited issue.
We are delighted to present highly innovative research lying at the core of transnational and comparative studies between Europe, Australia, and America. The special issue shows intricacies and complexities of a fundamentally global world in the late eighteenth century. The contributions discuss the multiple facets of enlightened agencies, ranging from military and political history, over microhistory (Alltagsgeschichte) to the history of science, race, and culture.
The special issue foregrounds the necessity for more transnational research in order to better understand the complex mechanisms of global, national, and regional histories.


Vorwort der Herausgeber


Sonderausgabe: Enlightened Powers – American, French, and British Interactions in Botany Bay, 1788-1800

Organized and edited by Therese-Marie Meyer


Therese-Marie Meyer

Revolution, Rum and Marronage
The Pernicious American Spirit at Port Jackson

Cassandra Pybus

The Baudin Expedition and the Aborigines of ‚Botany Bay‘
Colonial Ethnography in the Era of Bonaparte

Nicole Starbuck

The Transported Flowers of Botany Bay
Herbarium, Greenhouse or Botanical Ark? Early Representations of the Australian Flora in the Work of British and French Naturalists, Botanical Artists and Gardeners

Henriette von Holleuffer

Revolutions, Religion and the Castle Hill Rebellion (1804)

Therese-Marie Meyer

Roundtable and Discussion:
Americans in the South Pacific

Cassandra Pybus (University of Sydney)

Andrew O’Shaughnessy (University of Virginia)

Jennifer Anderson (State University of New York)

Transcript edited by Therese-Marie Meyer, Danielle Norberg, Henriette von Holleuffer & Oliver Haag

Reguläre Ausgabe

Recent Critique

„If Land was a Head: A Critique of ‚Country'“

Mitchell Rolls


Indigenous History in Gould’s Book of Fish
Fiction ‚in memoriam‘

Danielle Norberg


Antonella Riem
A Gesture of Reconciliation: Partnership Studies in Australian Literature.

Dieter Riemenschneider

Martina Horáková
Inscribing Difference and Resistance: Indigenous Women’s personal Non-Fiction and Life Writing in Australia and North America.

Oliver Haag

Mandisi Majavu
Uncommodified Blackness: The African Male Experience in Australia and New Zealand.

Stefanie Affeldt

Regina Ganter
The Contest for Aboriginal Souls: European Missionary Agendas in Australia.

Lina Pranaitytė-Wergin


In Memoriam of a Roving Scholar – Geoff Davis (1943-2018)

Frank Schulze-Engler