›Interdisciplinary Workshop for Early Career Researchers in Australian Studies‹

16–17 September 2022

We are very pleased to announce a two-day online interdisciplinary workshop specifically designed for
early career researchers and emerging scholars (doctoral students and postdocs less than five years after
completion of their PhD) whose work is situated in the broad field of Australian Studies. This event,
which will be hosted by four scholars from the Centre of Australian Studies (University of Cologne),
functions as intersessional event before the biennial Association for Australian Studies Conference in
Duisburg-Essen (2023).
Our major goal is to bring together the next generation of Australian Studies scholars from
around the world, providing a forum for exchanging ideas among peers, for sharing research, for
providing and receiving constructive feedback, and for generating new ideas. Though larger academic
conferences increasingly invite early career contributions, the foundational premise of this workshop is
that especially research at an early stage needs an explicitly accessible, appreciative and stimulant space
to experiment with inchoate ideas and build interdisciplinary networks.
The workshop is designed to allow for international as well as local participation (morning and
noon sessions in Germany, which translate to afternoon and evening panels in Australia). Should you
be interested in presenting, please send us an abstract of no more than 350 words by 15th April
. Presentations should be no longer than 20 minutes to ensure a minimum of 10 minutes for
discussion. We plan on including academic keynotes and literary readings, as well as plenty of breaks
for formal and informal chats. If you are an early career researcher working in Australian Studies, if
you have just obtained your master’s degree and think of pursuing a PhD, or if you are a senior scholar
who knows a person who might be interested in joining this interdisciplinary workshop, please do
not hesitate to get in touch with us! Visitors are most welcome to join us even if they do not aspire to
present a paper. There will be no attendance fee.

More detailed information about the event on the Centre for Australian Studies website!

We are excited for this event and look forward to your contributions!
Thomas Batchelor (thomas.batchelor@uni-koeln.de)
Leonie John (l.john@uni-koeln.de)
David Kern (david.kern@uni-koeln.de)
Christina Ringel (christina.ringel@uni-koeln.de)