Together with my colleague Nicole Waller from the University of Potsdam (near Berlin, Germany), I have recently received funding for a research project called “Settler Decolonisation on Country/Land: Rehearsing Collaboration.” As part of the project, there are two PhD positions starting in January 2025. We hope to offer one of these to an Indigenous doctoral student from Australia (the other would go to an Indigenous doctoral student from Turtle Island).

While the post is in Germany, the project would be co-supervised by Prof Lynette Russell (Indigenous Studies Centre, Monash University), and it is understood/expected that the researcher would spend a large proportion of their time in Australia. I think this could work particularly well for someone interested in working on Indigenous cultural belongings held in German institutions.

I would be very happy for potential candidates to contact me directly with any questions they may have.

Further information:

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Anja Schwarz
Prof. Dr. Anja Schwarz
Professur für Cultural Studies GB