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In-Depth Coverage

Oceanic Books in Translation: Towards a History of Indigenous Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Publishing in European Translation

Oliver Haag


Too hot to handle: A German Missionary’s Struggle with Ethnography in Australia

Regina Ganter

Isaac Steinberg in Australien Der Traum von einer jüdischen Kolonie in West- und Nordaustralien

Alexandra Ludewig

Research Report

“Making Black White”: Sugar Consumption and Racial Unity in Australia

Stefanie Affeldt

“The Majesty of Concrete”: Hume Dam and Australian Modernity

Daniel Rothenburg

Review Essay

William (Bill) Reed AM: The Long Road to Broome.

Liesel Hermes


Elisabeth Bähr & Barbara Schmidt-Haberkamp, eds.: ‘And There’ll Be NO Dancing’: Perspectives on Policies Impacting Indigenous Australia Since 2007.

Oliver Haag

Alexandra Ludewig: Born German, Re-Born in Western Australia.

Henriette von Holleuffer