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In-Depth Coverage

Oceanic Books in Translation
Towards a History of Indigenous Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Publishing in European Translation

Oliver Haag


Too hot to handle
A German Missionary’s Struggle with Ethnography in Australia

Regina Ganter

Isaac Steinberg in Australien
Der Traum von einer jüdischen Kolonie in West- und Nordaustralien

Alexandra Ludewig

Research Report

“Making Black White”
Sugar Consumption and Racial Unity in Australia

Stefanie Affeldt

“The Majesty of Concrete”
Hume Dam and Australian Modernity

Daniel Rothenburg

Review Essay

William (Bill) Reed AM: The Long Road to Broome

Liesel Hermes


Elisabeth Bähr & Barbara Schmidt-Haberkamp, eds.: ‘And There’ll Be NO Dancing’: Perspectives on Policies Impacting Indigenous Australia Since 2007.

Oliver Haag

Alexandra Ludewig: Born German, Re-Born in Western Australia

Henriette von Holleuffer